Fraser Xu Thoughts on life and code.


A self-taught JavaScript Developer, major in English Language and Culture, currently work and live in Shanghai, China Melbourne, Australia.

My skills

  • Front-end MVC frameworks(yo-yo, React.js, Angular.js)
  • Data visualization(D3.js, Chartist.js, Leaflet.js, Mapbox.js)
  • Cross platform web development(Electron, React-native, Ionic)
  • Tools(Browserify, Makefile, npm, webpack)
  • Others(WebRTC, XMPP, Nodejs)
  • Very limited experience with Python, Ruby, Go…

My working experience

My open source contribution

My project

- Open source

- Client

  • Front-end architecture for the voter registration system for Myanmar(React.js, Electron, D3.js, Browserify, Immutable.js…)
  • sweepboard - A Better GitHub Issue Queue. Transform your GitHub issue queue into a realtime kanban for your whole team
  • Magic bus An Ionic based hybrid application(In Beta)[Angular.js, ng-cordova…]
  • csviz Open data map with csv file[React.js, Flux, D3…]

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